Why You Should Consider a Kitchen Remodel

The kitchen is by far the most important space in the house. It’s mission central where you cook, eat, gather, and plan your day. Take a look at this all-important room. Is it working well for you and your family? Is it cluttered, dated, or dysfunctional? It’s important to have a kitchen that reflects your personality and tastes, and which works for you and your lifestyle.

A new kitchen can weave together beauty, comfort, and convenience. Here are reasons why a new kitchen may make sense for you and your family:

Make it a Focal Point

In the past, the kitchen was separated from the rest of the house. Today’s new home designs recognize that the kitchen isn’t the back room of a cafeteria, but the hub of the home. Cooking can be a family event when the room is open to the rest of the living space. So, if you’ve been confined behind walls, break free and re-create your kitchen; add space and open up your home. Expanding and integrating into adjacent areas makes this “heart of the home” a more warm and welcoming space where you can accommodate and entertain family and friends.

Enhance Beauty

You never get a second chance to make a good impression. Your family and guests tend to congregate in the kitchen more often than even in the living room. How do you feel when you visit other homes that have a beautiful kitchen? Admit it. You’re a little envious. Imagine being the homeowner that other people are envying! When your kitchen is stylish, functional, and updated, you take pride in the space.

Increase Efficiency

You’re going to be spending a ton of time in your kitchen, no matter what. Think about it. Depending on how often you cook dinner and where your dinner table is located, you may spend as much as three hours a day in the kitchen, on average. That’s one-eighth of your entire life!

First and foremost, a kitchen should function optimally. A kitchen that is more efficient will save you steps and time when preparing family meals. Are you bumping into someone else while you share the space? Are you navigating an obstacle course in order to get food to the table? Don’t let the old layout dictate to you rather than being the chef in charge.

A new kitchen layout will remove bottlenecks that cause you to waste time as you work in your kitchen. A kitchen island, a second sink, a pantry, or more cabinets are some options that may make the space work better for you.

Incorporate New Technology

Kitchen appliances have seen major advances in the past few years. There are ovens that cook faster and better, using new technologies such as convection and steam. Induction cooktops have added a new dimension in cooking, and dual-fuel ranges give you the best of both gas and electric cooking. Dishwashers are quieter, more efficient and do a better job of cleaning your dishes. French door refrigerators allow for easier access than traditional side-by-side units. 

Whether you would benefit from refrigerator drawers to accommodate your passion for locally grown vegetables, or a warming drawer for a loved one with a long commute, or a microwave drawer, a new kitchen can easily incorporate these life improving appliances.

Add Real Value

We often like to explain that a kitchen remodel is an investment, not an expense. Nothing adds value to a home like a fully updated kitchen. A kitchen can make or break the deal when it comes to resale. Kitchens are definitely something buyers pay close attention to. According to the Zillow Group Consumer Housing Trends Report 2018, 58 percent of buyers who purchased in the last 12 months said having their preferred style of kitchen was extremely or very important to their home-buying decision. The national average for a minor kitchen remodel ROI is 81.1 percent! While most remodels fall into the minor category, even midrange and upscale kitchen remodels (investing between $63,000 and $125,000) still have an ROI of nearly 60 percent.

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