Reasons to Paint Your Home

They say nothing lasts forever and the saying holds true for the paint on your walls. Hiring professionals to repaint your home interiors may not be high on your priority list this fall, but perhaps it should be. Interior walls do not need to be repainted as often as a home exterior, but even the highest quality interior paint can become dull, faded, or begin to show obvious signs of wear and tear.

Some rooms will need to be repainted more frequently based on the amount of daily wear and tear, while others last significantly longer. On average, we recommend that you repaint your home interiors every three to seven years, depending on the room.

It’s well known that paint is one of the easiest and quickest ways to update or refresh the look of a room. Paint is an effective tool regardless of whether you want to transform your current decor or just freshen up the feel of the room. A fresh coat of paint can make a significant impact and provide immediate results.

The benefits of a paint job go much deeper than a new look, though! If you’ve been thinking about repainting, here are some compelling reasons to have your home interiors painted: 

Change the Look of a Room

Whether your personal preferences for decor have changed, or you want to update the design of your home to a more modern style, painting the walls a different color can make a big difference. Maybe you bought a home with dark, bold colors and you prefer light, neutral shades. Or perhaps you’ve decided to add a pop of color with an accent wall. Either way, paint provides you with the opportunity to transform or update the look of any room in the house.

Cover Up Wear and Tear

Over time, the condition of the paint on your walls will show signs of wear. There might be nicks or scratches from moving furniture around, holes on the walls from hanging pictures up, chipped paint in corners, or perhaps the top layer of paint has begun to wear off showing the paint color underneath. The condition of the paint can also be affected in rooms with high traffic or heavy activity, such as the kitchen or bathroom. Or, it can simply begin to chip from age. Regardless of the cause, a fresh coat of paint will cover up imperfections and make your walls look as good as new. Even better, just as exterior paint is used to protect your home from weather, temperature, and external elements, interior paint is an effective way to protect walls, doors, and trim. Paint minimizes damage from moisture and can even help surfaces hold up longer from normal wear and tear, increasing the life of your interiors.

Increase Your Home’s Value

Research has shown that painting your home can increase the real estate value of the house. Even if you’re not looking to sell any time soon, investing in the maintenance and upkeep of your home will provide you a significant return on investment. 

Sell Your Home

If you are ready to sell your home, the increase in value will definitely be beneficial, but painting the house could also help you sell your house quicker. Real estate agents and professional painters both recommend that sellers paint their houses in neutral shades throughout. Neutral colors help the house to look fresh and clean, but it also makes it easier for buyers to envision their belongings in the home. Likewise, painting the house in colors that are prominent in current design trends will draw the attention of people scrolling through home listings in their area. There are many paint colors that can help you sell your home and your interior painter can be a great resource to help you pick the right one. 

Improve Air Quality

By working with professional interior painters, you can be confident in the quality of paint being used in your home. Paints with zero or low VOCs can create healthier indoor air quality while also reducing the risk of harmful fumes or odors. Interior paint is also an effective way to minimize the amount of dust and dirt circulating in the air. 

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