Mansfield Historical Museum & Heritage Center – Mansfield, Texas

Located in the heart of North Texas, Mansfield Historical Museum & Heritage Center is one of the oldest and most fascinating museums in the state. This important historical destination protects and preserves the rich history and culture of the City of Mansfield and the surrounding area through its numerous permanent and rotating exhibitions. Mansfield Historical Museum & Heritage Center strives to provide guests with an interesting and educational experience from the moment they enter its sprawling doors. Find more information here.

The Mansfield Historical Museum & Heritage Center provides compelling evidence of the hard work and energy of those who created a thriving community in the heart of North Texas. The museum is dedicated to preserving the rich history of the city and the area while educating and providing insight into the past through its many permanent and rotating exhibitions. This important historical center strives to create an experience that is both fun and educational, relying on its knowledgeable staff, exhibitions, and activities to make it a memorable experience. The museum features a wide range of exciting and educational activities and programs for young and old alike. These include educational lectures, special events, art and music demonstrations, workshops, TV series, and live performances. In addition, museum experts provide various presentations and interactive activities promoting knowledge, understanding, and appreciation of the past. Read about Elmer W. Oliver Nature Park in Mansfield, Texas here.

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